How to Become a Member

What are you looking for?

So you are looking for a local group to indulge your love of singing. You enjoy the camaraderie of like minded and enthusiastic people. You have a good grasp of the basics of singing in tune, and you might even be able to read music and play an instrument (hopefully but not essential). Then Counterpoint Chamber Choir may be the group for you.

We are...

... a choir of limited numbers and so there is not always an immediate availability (you have already looked at our About Us page), although like any choir, we are likely to be in need of tenors and basses right now!

The Nitty Gritty

The basic steps to becoming a member are:
  1. Either, complete the on-line Expression of Interest form (the preferred method) or download an interactive copy of the form package, complete it and submit it. (Please Note: If you have previously been a member of Counterpoint and are wishing to rejoin, please use the download option.)
  2. The application will be assessed by the Director in association with the Management Committee, and you will be contacted to discuss your application. Depending on the outcome of this discussion, you may be invited to undertake a short audition with the Director at a mutually convenient time (don't worry, it is not as scary as it sounds!)
  3. If the application is successful, a Probationary Position may be offered or, if no position is currently available, you may be placed on a waiting list to be contacted as soon as one becomes available
  4. You will then be welcomed into the group as a Probationary Member to undertake a period of assessment, both by you and the group, and you will get to know your fellow members
  5. At the end of the Probationary period, the Director will discuss your application again with you, and if both you and the Director believe Counterpoint Chamber Choir is suitable for you, an offer of full membership will be made.
  6. So will begin, what we hope will be a long and enjoyable time as a member of our ensemble.
If you would like to see a flow chart of how this works, download our New Members Application and Admission Process. There is also a link to this document on the on-line form page and a copy is included with the Expression of Interest form package mentioned above.

If you would like to visit a rehearsal while you are considering your application, please check out our Visit a Rehearsal page for the details of arranging a 'behind the scenes' insight into Counterpoint Chamber Choir 

We truly look forward to hearing from you.